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Custom Blankets - 50''x60'' WIDE

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Keep the cold out with this super soft and fully-personalized blanket.

  • Our standard 50x60 inch custom blanket is made from 100 percent polyester.
  • These blankets are machine washable and will not bleed or run.

It can sometimes be difficult to find the perfect gift for someone. But what shows more commitment to finding the perfect gift than a custom blanket? Featuring custom printing, our generously-sized 50" x 60" blanket, you can personalize these blankets in just about any manner you can think of.


  • These custom blankets have a mink-like feel
  • 100 percent personalized blanket design

DESIGN YOUR OWN NOTES: When designing your own item please note that we try to ensure that all artwork is printed on it, but due to product manufacturing there may be slight variations that cause items near or on the edge of the product to not print. We encourage you to keep all artwork and text that you want to print well within the edge of the product. For blankets, we recommend that you keep about 2 inches ( when printed ) away from all edges. Solid lines or bounding boxes may not print well due to blanket variations.