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** September - Cause Awareness - Blanket - 50"x60"

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During the month of September, there are 7 different cancers that are highlighted nationally. We want to help recognize these causes by showcasing our Cause Awareness products that represent these cancers:

Childhood Cancer - ( GOLD )
Gynecologic Cancer - ( LAVENDER )
Leukemia - ( ORANGE )

Leukemia and Lymphoma - ( RED | WHITE | RED )
Lymphoma - ( LIME GREEN )

Ovarian Cancer - ( TEAL )
Prostate Cancer - ( LIGHT BLUE )
Thyroid Cancer - ( TEAL | BLUE | PINK )

Show your support for your favorite cause by wrapping up in this super soft, custom blanket.

  • Each blanket features your choice of color to match the cause you’re supporting.
  • Our custom blankets are printed on some of the softest blankets available.

These super plush cause ribbon blankets are made from 100 percent polyester and have an incredibly soft feel. Each blanket features the cause ribbon on the front with a color within the ribbon in the background that fades to white. We also offer FREE customization of the ribbon blanket with a name, up to 16 characters. The name will be printed in either black or white, depending on the ribbon color. If you would like to have a name added, enter it in the 'Add a Name' box above. The name will appear on the front most layer of the ribbon. 


  • For information about Ribbon Awareness/Cause Colors please see our color chart by clicking here.
  • The name will be printed in either black or white, depending on the ribbon color