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FAQ's / Product Information

Our Wall Art comes in a variety of sizes, materials, and configurations to match your decorating needs. Our Mesmerizing Metal Art prints are truly unique as we offer them with either standard or "UV Glow" inks to give it an extra special look when viewed under a blacklight bulb*!

Our metal prints come with all of the required supplies for hanging your unique artwork. You will need to attach the mounting brackets and stabilizer bars ( included ) using our simple-to-follow hanging template. Setup and artwork hanging only takes minutes--with the only tool being needed is a level.

In addition to our amazing collection of artwork, we also offer you the chance to customize your own Wall Art. To have your own image/artwork printed as Wall Art click on our CUSTOMIZE IT button where you can upload your own photo/image that may be able to be printed with our optional UV Glow inks*!

* Black lights are not included with our UV Glow Art prints but are available from BO15, Inc. Not all customer submitted photos are suited for our UV Glow Inks as not all colors glow equally under blacklight. ( Bright Glowing Colors: yellow, light green, bright pink, red, and orange. Colors that do not glow brightly: blue, green, and purple--as these will be very dark to almost black in areas. White will appear to be a dark blue color. ) Images seen here are simulated and the actual print may vary.


The metal that we use is high-quality aluminum that is specialty coated with a polyester that allows for the image transfer process to occur. The aluminum is very strong, yet lightweight so it will hold up for years of enjoyment.


If you are choosing one of our pre-designed items, or are uploading your own image, we want to make sure that you are aware of a few items that 'may' occur within the print, which are acceptable, and not printing mistakes.

  • Edge Blurring: The item that occurs most often is there may be slight blurring along edges of objects. As we are taking images normally designed to be printed either small, or to only be viewed on a computer screen/phone the increase in size to over 5 feet in length may cause items that look sharp when viewed small to have a 'fuzzy' edge to them. This is 'expected' as the enlargement process can't 'add' pixels/data to your images and have them look exactly like they did when smaller. We do our very best to minimize this with the enlargement process but note that it will likely occur when taking a small image and enlarging it.
  • Pixelation: We highly recommend that you provide the largest image you have for the uploaded artwork ( dimensional size ). If you send us a small, thumbnail sized image and ask us to enlarge it you will see that the individual pixels will start to look like tiny squares. They will be clearly visible when standing close, but probably will either not be noticed, or barely noticed, when viewed from a distance.
  • JPG Artifacts: When saving a file in a JPG format it does compression to the image to help reduce the file size. If you keep the file the same size, you more than likely will not see any compression, but rest assured, it is there! If you take that same image after saving as a JPG and enlarge it you will see that many edges of contrasting colors will look 'boxy' or 'pixelated'. This is normal for a JPG. The more compression, or lower quality, you have with the image, the more of this will occur. If you resave the JPG image over and over and keep adding compression to it, the image will have even more. When we enlarge these types of images there is NOTHING we can to in order to remove it! It will be in the final print so we always ask for the best quality or original image when possible. You will be much happier!
  • UV Glow Inks: If you are sending us a photo to print with our UV Glow Inks please note that NOT ALL COLORS GLOW!
  • White under Blacklight: Whites in the artwork will appear to be anywhere from a light to a dark blue color when viewed under blacklight. Our samples that we show on our website make items appear 'light', but depending on the type and strength of the blacklight you use, the color may vary or appear much darker. Our samples are only an example of what it MAY look like and not the actual image under blacklight. Your results may vary.
  • Metal Sizes: We know that many people have a tough time visualizing what size the finished items will be from BO15 so we have created a handy sizing chart for our Metal Wall Art. You can check out the size chart here ( or by clicking on the link at the bottom of our page ).