How To - Apply 30oz Tumbler Decal – Bo15

How To - Apply 30oz Tumbler Decal

How To apply a BO15 decal to a 30oz Tumbler

We appreciate your purchase of a BO15 30oz Tumbler Decal. We want to ensure that you are happy with our product and the application process so we have included with your decal a 'trial' decal that you can use to test your applying to the tumbler before your larger decal.

With the practice decal that came with your decal carefully start peeling the backing away from the CENTER of the decal. The backing paper has been cut for you at the center of the practice strip.

Carefully place the top edge of the practice strip about 1/8 inch down from the top of the tumbler. The paper backing should be folded back slightly only leaving about 1 inch of the adhesive side exposed. When you have the decal lined up, gently press the decal onto the tumbler. If you are happy with where it was placed you can use your thumb or a flat edge ( like a credit card )