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Custom Socks - AC2

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Our AC2 Tube sock is designed to print LIGHT ART*! We have engineered the AC2 for a Great Print!

The black foot is cotton while the lighter area is 100% polyester. The sock is approximately 20 inches from the top of the sock to the end of the toe prior to pressing. Sock may shrink slightly when art is added/pressed onto sock.

CUSTOMIZING: When customizing there are 2 socks ( listed as Front / Back ) where you can use each side as 1 complete sock ( both Left and Right Side of sock ).

Price is per pair.

* Light Art is artwork that contains either non-solid or lighter colors such as yellow, pinks, pastels, etc. This sock does not work well with a majority of darker colors as there will be white lines and it will lighten the look of the color.