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Custom Socks - AC3

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Our AC3 Crew sock is designed to print DARK ART*! We have engineered the sock with black threads on the inside of the sock, so when worn it minimizes the appearance of white lines in your art.

The black heel and toe is cotton while the lighter area is 100% polyester. The sock is approximately 16.5 inches from the top of the sock to the end of the toe prior to pressing. Sock may shrink slightly when art is added/pressed onto sock.

When customizing there are 2 socks ( listed as Front / Back ) where you can use each side as 1 complete sock.

Price is per pair.

* Dark Art is artwork that contains either solid or darker colors such as reds, blues, greens, black, etc. This sock does not work well with a majority of lighter/pastel colors as the black threads will darken the look of the color.