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Gateway Arch - 1

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America is awash in some of the most well-loved architecture in the world, and the Gateway Arch is not least among them. A symbol of American strength and ingenuity, the Gateway Arch is captured here in timeless black and white as architecture wall art, making it an excellent choice for adding rugged charm to any wall in your home or place of work.

  • Each iconic piece of architectural metal wall art is all-original and adds uniqueness to any wall
  • Available in two sizes, giving you freedom of choice for adding to your wall

Hailing from St. Louis, artist and photographer, Chris Diamond, has captured the stunning elegance of the Gateway Arch in only a way that he can. His unique style and vision captures this beautiful structure in black and white and is available only from BO15.


  • All-original nature metal wall decor
  • Great image for pairing with our  UV Glow inks!

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