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Seat Belt Safety Message Wraps

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When seconds count in an emergency, Seatbelt Safety Wraps are a great way to let First Responders know of medical and other important information. What if you were in an accident and you or one of your passengers had a severe medical condition that you could not tell your rescuers? With clearly printed information that securely wraps around your, or your passengers, seatbelt your help can have information about the special needs/requirements even when you can't speak up. Help minimize any confusion, medical allergies, or just about any other major issue you think that they should be aware of. We currently have 18 ready-to-print designs, but custom wraps are available.

Wraps are approx. 4.25"x5.5" when flat.

Constructed from Soft Neoprene material, our Seatbelt Safety Wraps are printed in 360° so no matter how you place it on the seatbelt, it is easy to read. Machine washable and lightly padded, these will stay nice-looking and be comfortable to use in your vehicle. They attach with hook/loop style fasteners for easy install and removal, when needed.