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St. Louis Riverfront - 3

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St. Louis’ Gateway Arch isn’t the only notable architectural marvel offered in the city. BO15 is proud to offer this majestic image of St. Louis’ Ead’s Bridge with the Mighty Mississippi flowing powerfully below it as part of renowned photographer and artist, Chris Diamond.

  • Each piece of metal wall art is original and only available from BO15 and Chris Diamond
  • Each architecture wall art piece comes in two sizes in order to offer you choice of covering for your walls

Chris’ collection of landscape art and architecture wall art is some of the most sought-after and unique metal wall art available. Encompassing the majesty and robustness of the Mississippi, this handsome piece of metal wall art is sure to give your walls and rooms some added oomph and style.


  • Metal wall art borne of handsome landscape art
  • Goes great with our UV Glow Inks!

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