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Water Lily - 4

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BO15 is proud to give our customers the chance to own some of the finest nature wall art available. Chris Diamond, one of our favorite photographers and artists, captures the intricate beauty of lilies in this lovely photo — available as sturdy metal wall art.

  • Each piece is available in two sizes, giving you the choice of smaller or oversized wall art
  • Available only through the collaborative efforts of BO15 and Chris Diamond, each piece is unique and available only in limited quantities

Floral photography isn’t all the same; Chris’ nature wall decor is a far departure from the bland, washed-out floral photography of yesteryear. Chris’ “Water Lily 4” piece is sure to add color, comfort, and cool to your walls, no matter which room you choose.


  • Beautiful nature wall decor in a robust metal display
  • This image may not glow well with our UV Glow Inks!

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